Thursday, February 21, 2013

february photo-a-day 2.1 to 2.21

2.1 fork

2.2 pattern

2.3 something beginning w/ Excellent adventure
into Town of Randsburg

2.4 get this clutter to go away...

2.5 something you smelled... cuban pork roast sandwiches
they were ok, next time i won't use pork loin

2.6 soft...making homemade pita bread for our chicken gyros...
my 1st time to make them

2.7 your's on my blog...
2.8 something orange...

2.9 guilty pleasure...chiptole yumminess
2.10 3 o' hubby driving our new vehicle we bought
the day before, 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. traded in our corolla since
we'll be moving to Alaska this summer. needed 4-wheel drive.
2.11 entrance

2.12 where you ate lunch...(actually where we ate dinner, forgot
to take the photo at lunchtime, ooopsies...i improvised)

2.13 walking...away from our new toy and to hubby's work...we
had to take care of some passport paperwork for our trip to Alaska
2.14 giving to your loved onez

2.15 in your fridge

2.16 for a hike at Devil's Chair Trail,
just me, selene & hubby
2.17 hand...a helping one for my lil one of strawberry greek yogurt
2.18 something you don't like...doing laundry...yuck!
2.19 i am..who i am 
2.20 where you my scrap room area with selene

2.21 full...half full cup of milk coffee and selene is getting
full with an everything bagel w/ whipped cream
cheese and freshly chopped oranges

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