Monday, April 30, 2012

she's growing too fast

is that a good thing?
or is it a bad thing?

it is both.

good b/c she has so much to look forward to and so do we.
bad b/c a part of me doesn't want her to grow too fast.
and that's "something that makes me sad" a lil bit.
hey that's also day 30's theme for the final photo of the day for this month.

it's funny how babies can look back and then just keep moving forward w/o even thinking twice.
it's not like us adults...
sometimes we dont want to move on from the past...
and we either don't...
or we do and we do think twice about it.
i have to admit that i am and/or have been one of those peepz.
i mostly move on.
got to..
for my sake
and my family's sake
and especially for my girlz.
this photo will always remind of just that.
life goes on no matter what.

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