Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sssshhhhh...she's sleeping

it's a new month...
and i'm again gonna be doing another month of fat mum slim's photo-a-day challenge.
here's the list:

here is my day 1:

she is always at "peace" when she is a sound asleep.
which gives me peace too.
gives me time to take a lil break.
or time to do some chores.
or even scrap a layout or card or project.
just as long as she sleeps long enough.
lately it hasn't been so in her bassinet by herself during the day.
she will take LONG naps in my arms or even someone else's.
can be a good thang, can be a bad thang.
hopefully she'll get back into those longer naps snuggly in her bassinet.
we'll see.

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