Sunday, May 13, 2012

i am mom

day 13, "mom"

i am mom to 3 girlz...
our eldest lives in idaho & she'll be with us in 14 days.
we miss & love you ashley!

but for now...

here's my photo-a-day share...

got a lovely morning greeting from my hubby & selene,
then maiya brought me a milk coffee while i was still in bed watching some supernanny,
then she came in with 3 chocolate chip pancakes, 3 turkey bacons & some syrup (thanks to my hubby for cooking it!)
then brushed my teeth and washed my face,
put away a load of laundry,
then i was surprised by a huge drawing card from maiya,
a card, nice storage boxes & a storage cart i've wanted from my hubby with a card,
then a nice "mommy i want you" from selene.
chilled and watched hope floats and some other tv stuff.
hubby is gonna cook up some enchiladas for dinner later!
i am a lucky mama!

happy mama'z day to all mama'z!

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