Wednesday, May 16, 2012

love reading... not novels

day 15, "love"
selene is still going thru separation anxiety w/ me...
but luckily there are some times when she "allows" others to take care of her...
she can be picky i guess.
this day my hubby was able to feed her breakfast...
a bonding moment...=)

day 16, "what you're reading"
and this is what i'm currently reading....
i am not a novel reader.
i'd rather read finance stuff & some "life" stuff books.
i love suze orman.
i love her shows and make sure to record it every saturday nite.
she is one of the peepz i would love to meet in person.
much respect for her.
as she always says...
"people first, then money, then things."
so true.

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