Tuesday, April 10, 2012

cold cake

got 2 thangz to share...

1st up, selene's lil bday partay...
it was only the 3 of us.
maiya is in wa for spring break & ash is home in idaho.

homemade angel food cake w/ cream cheese frosting...

got a her a few toys from toys'r'us...

happy w/ her xylophone...

she stared at it for awhile & didn't know what to do...

diving in finally...

1st taste....

it was a bit cold for her...

see where she nibbled???
made the bday banner flag using echo park paper & stickers.

still have the cake, maybe she might dig more later.

2nd up...
my day 10 photo-a-day share, "cold"
the cake was cold but so was this today...

had to have it...my fave...
guess what it is???

today took selene to her 12 month appointment.
she is 19 lbs.
and the height from what the doctor said it was measured a bit inaccurately by the PA.
selene was moving a bit.
it was showing 27 inches w/c is definitely not right.
she has to be at least 30" now.
she is just shy by 1 lb to sit facing forward on her car seat!
doctor says by next month she should gain that one!
facing forward coming soon!
she got some blood work done in w/c she cried a bit.
then she got 6 shots where she cried & yelled!
hell ya...i would too if i got that many as a baby!
she is doing good now.
will be sore tomorrow tho'.
tonite for dinner she had some brown rice, peas, onions & chicken.
she ate it up.
although it didn't quite turn out the way i wanted it, selene didn't mind one bit.
then started weaning her off the bottle.
she had some whole milk mixed with formula in a sippy cup.
she drank some and with a little encouragement she got the hang of it.
she's getting there!
but i do have a feeling she'll be looking for her bottle.
weaning to be continued....

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