Tuesday, April 3, 2012

paid in full

day 3 photo-a-day share, "mail"

went for our morning walk and dropped off some mail at the box.
paid a 2-year subscription to scrapbooks etc...

after our walk took a few photos...

selene's 1st tooth is now coming out...
and it was really bothering her.
time to go buy some teething gel.
she finally is taking a nap.
a little struggle for her b/c of her tooth.
but after an ounce of some milk, she's down & crashed.

had this for lunch today, leftovers from last night...

always a hit with the family.
selene liked little itty bits of it too.
chicken adobo.
added some frozen corn to it.
last night we had rice with it.
but for lunch today, had it with spinach.
a healthier choice, especially since i made the adobo with thighs.

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