Sunday, April 8, 2012

yesterday and the day before

wasn't able to share my photo-a-day yesterday..
just plain forgot.
but here's day 7, shadow, and day 8, in my wallet...

after we dropped off maiya at the airport...

i've got a small wallet w/ only the essentials...
friday night, we had dinner at the yard house....

yes, my infamous bathroom selfie...

one of the best strawberry mojitos i've had (but it still doesn't beat hawaii's)

thinking hard of what to order...hmmmm

peppered crusted gorgonzola burger, one of the best i've had too

an upclose of now one of my favez...
the yard house crowd finally died down.
when it 1st opened in palmdale, the wait was over 45 minutes.
that night we only waited less than 10.

saturday morning we dropped off maiya at the burbank airport.
she is spending spring break in WA as you know.
i wish she was with us, but that's my selfishness talking.
she'll be back home this coming sunday nite.

after we dropped her off, we headed to palmdale for lunch. hubby has been craving it.
we just never went back b/c maiya isn't a big fan.
but opportunity knocked for us this time, so we took advantage.
i had the burrito bowl (chicken, pico de gallo, brown rice, a lil sour cream).

gave her some of my chicken, lil itsy bits...

she wasn't too interested in it, as you can see...
i picked up a couple of their menus b/c loved the look and plus it was printed on some good quality kraft cardstock.
memorabila ya know.

last nite, me, hubby and selene went for a nite walk.
it was nice b/c we got to to talk about stuff about ourselves.
like how we both can be bossy and demanding.
and how we need to put each other in check if we go over board.
i felt a sense of relief now that we got that out in the open.
communicate, communicate, communicate.

today is...

  • laundry day
  • scrappy day ( i haven't done a page in so long!!!! i've done bday cards, but not pages)
  • gotta put in some time for groceries w/in budget of course.
we'll see how things go..

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Renee said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet post, Jennifer! The photos are awesome!! Oh, I sure hope you have lots of fun scrapping!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!