Monday, April 23, 2012

a hungry vegan

no i am definitely not a vegan.
i'm a vegan-carnivore!
tried the full out vegan route, but just couldn't take it.
but there are times i just want to have just veggies, like soy.

yesterday, watched the hunger games in palmdale..
that was a good movie!
definitely worth watching on the big screen.
here's what i last bought yesterday, w/c is also day 22's photo a day share...

and having some carrots for a snack before heading over to maiya's school to pick her up...
this is also day 23, photo-a-day share, "vegetables"

they're pretty sweet too!
gotta go before the lil one wakes up from her nap!
she's been taking her sporadic short ones lately and sometimes refuses to sleep in her bassinet during the day.
but...she is now.


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