Monday, July 26, 2010

this past weekend...

we went to ikea in burbank.  my hubby bought me a nice scrap table, just for me. well of course i'm gonna share too with my girlies.  i love ikea and i love my hubby.  wink!

here it is fully and lovingly assembled by my wonderful hubby:

here's a sneak of what my scrap land looks like...

before and after my ikea galant scrap table:

the before...
and the after...

i have a lot of my scrapbook kits, cardstocks, stamps, inks, paints, patterned papers and a lot of embellies stored in plastic bins underneath the table. and other papers and embellies in the white bins to the right.  slowly but surely everything around and under the table will have a new nice storage container just so it looks at least pretty pretty.  still debating on whether to make another ikea run for this one or two cubicle furniture we found there.  we'll wait and see, i'm in no rush.

i also have some other scrap supplies and tools stored in one of the other smaller kitchen pantries. my scrap area is right by the kitchen.
you can't see from this picture but the sides go deeper right and left.  we're fortunate enough that our house has plenty of storage closets/areas.  weeeh!

off on another note...these have now retired...
a pair of Abercrombie shorts my hubby has had since summer of 2005.  they started ripping at the ends, then in the middle and then were done.  after ikea we headed to the nearby mall and went to aeropostale where he got 2 nice pairs of cargo shorts, buy one get one free...great deal!  woohoo!  he had such a big smile after he made his special purchase.

tore his retired one up and will be using some of the scraps someday.  i have already took one of the labels and scrapped it in my journal.

tonight i made some bulgogi for the first time for the family and i have to say...."i am a great chef!!!"  yumm-o!
aaaaaahhhh yeaaaaah!!!  will be making this one again someday!

have a great nite!  gonna chill with my family outside and enjoy a drink and then jump on the trampoline!  weeehhhh!  yey-yah!

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Michelle said...

Don't you just love fixing up your scrap space. I know for me it gets me wanting to scrap. Your dinner looks yummy, I love food photos.