Thursday, July 1, 2010

California Love

we're finally here in edwards afb of cali! and i'm so relieved. we're finally home.

anyway, we're here! it took us approximately 1,240 miles to get here from lacey, wa! wow! the road trip was actually pretty smooth and the scenery was beautiful. there were specks of green over the sandy brownness, the mountains were so gorgeous.

we first stopped in lincoln city, oregon and checked in at surftides. we were able to enjoy the oregon coast beach. dang it was windy, a bit cold and and the water was freezing but the views were spectacular.

 the next day we were on the road and landed in redding, ca:

then the next couple of nights were in concord, ca.  we went to the waterpark near by.  unfortuntately i did not get a chance to take any photos while we were there.  i was going to buy an underwater camera over there, but they were selling them for $14.99 a pop, w/c i felt was a bit of a rip off!  so i settled on a brochure and scrapped in my gratitude journal.  but we did go for some semi-homemade breakfast at the local denny's and took a few pix of our sleepyheads before heading to the waterpark.  we also did the jelly belly bean tour and got lots of jelly beans of all kinds of flavors.

i got sunburnt a bit but not as bad as it was when i went snorkeling in hawaii last year.  thank gosh for major sunscreen applications.

our final road trip was wednesday to our new home...

i love me some california lovin.  check out this video by clicking here.

we are off to do some cruisin of the area.  see ya!

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Jessica Griffin said...

So glad you made it to Cali okay. Hope you'll have enough time to get unpacked, do your challenges for ScrapTiffany AND adjust!!