Friday, July 2, 2010

first friday in sunny cali

yup yup!  it's our very 1st friday in sunny cali!  hubby is at a housing orientation (sorry babez didn't know what else to call it).  yesterday we looked at a couple of houses and got one.  now we just need all our stuff from storage and hoping to move in next week...hopefully.  then we'll be reunited with all our belongings especially my scrappy stuff... i miss you!  lol!

anyway, i did manage to get some scrapping done while on our road trip.  i got 1 1/2 pages done.  i have yet finished the 2nd one but will do in the very near future.

here's the 1st one i completed which is for our hawaii honeymoon album...on our second day there, we went to north shores.  beautiful, windy and i have to say the biggest and strongest waves i've experienced.  i should know since i was thrown down to the ground by one while taking close photos of the water, my camera almost got soaked.  but i was laughing the whole time!  heehee...anywhooo, here's my page:
and for the lil deetz that make a difference too:
(supplies:  SEI, EK Success, American crafs, Stampcraft, Jesse James & Co, Adtech)

today, we're gonna cruise over to lancaster city to check out the scenery, happenings, the mall, etc.  then head back over here to attend the annual summer bash for the 4th of July weekend.  gonna have to apply lots and lots of sunscreen and have me some fun!

check out this video...the sunny-ness made me think of this song.

well gotta wakey our other princess!  have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

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