Thursday, July 22, 2010

i miss my baby boo

i am so grateful to be able to spend time with my stepdaughter, ashley, this summer. 

but i really miss my baby boo, maiya.  i miss spending time with her, laughing with her, making her laugh, funny kisses before bedtime, saying i love you to her face to face, etc, etc, etc.

she is with her dad for the rest of the summer and comes back home to us next month on the 15th, the day before school.  we talk on the phone during the week just to say hi, goodnite and talk a little about what she has been up to.  i really miss her and can hardly wait til she comes home.

a few snapshots of her favez...

beef udon soup at new sushi teriyaki in lacey, wa:

oh yeahhhh, ice cream at 31 flavors:
she loves rainbow sherbert, daiquiri ice, mint chocolate chip, but her all time fave is vanilla, sweet and simple.  i think i might just have to treat her to some when she comes back home.

i love you baby boo.  waiting for you to come safely home.

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