Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1st blog post on ScrapTiffany

head on over to ScrapTiffany for my 1st ever blog post for this Wednesday Hijack.  i talk about keeping a gratitude journal.

i think it's so important to remind yourself of what you are grateful for on a daily basis.  write it down...on a piece of scrap paper and stash it away in a nice container, on a sticky note and stick on your computer, your mirror or anywhere you can see it.  you can also blog about it in a private or public blog.... any way is great as long as you have it in writing and you can look back on it and say "so grateful i did this and that."

here's a few sneakz of what's in store at today's ScrapTiffany's Wednesday Hijack (<-----click here!!!):

and a journal i bought a couple of weeks ago from walmart for my future next entries:
don't you think the owl is oh soooo cute!  can hardly wait to start using this. no need to deck out the outside of this one.

what are you grateful for?'m grateful for being on a great design team

so go on over to ScrapTiffany and show off the creative side of you on what you're grateful for.  and feel free to leave me a comment and a link...i would love to see what you do!  yey-yah!


Kristina H said...

Really cute, I wish I was better about keeping a journal.


Katie said...

I just love this idea! What a great way to sit back and recognize what you are grateful for!