Saturday, January 28, 2012

there is no such thing as a "perfect life"

i said it and i admit!
we say it as a phrase, figure of speech, wuteva!
but in reality, things, life, people ....
are NOT  perfect.
i know i'm not.
if life were "perfect" then we wouldn't have anything else to talk about, to improve, to live for, etc.
it would be plain boring, dontcha think?
i recently read 2 and here
and i'm grateful that there are women who feel the same way i do.
and i do have to say before you think i'm being negative...
i am definitely grateful for my life, my family and my true friends, my hobby, my stuff.
whether they be "perfect" or not.

so here are a few things that you don't know about me that makes me "not perfect" and i'm proud of it:

  • i don't make the bed everyday after i get out of bed in the mornings. i usually do it on fridays and the weekends.
  • i don't dust all the time because it's not one of my fave chores to do.
  • i don't wear makeup everyday because sometimes i just dont have time or i just am plain lazy.
  • i still breakout around my mouth area...blame it on hormones.
  • i get moody when things are not done or when i've shown or told how to do it.
  • i get really frustrated and sometimes get a bit upset when the pup (Sierra) doesn't do what she's told especially after repeatedly telling her how to do it.
  • i really love sierra because she does have some good qualities, but sometimes i wish we got a smaller dog but i'm not even sure that would make a difference.
  • i wish i could hire a full-time babysitter and especially a dogsitter when i need "me time."
  • i don't get to scrapbook as often as i would like to because of home life, baby life, dog life.
  • sometimes i leave dirty dishes in the sink for more than a day, but i at least rinse them off (luckily i have help, my lil boo does them sometimes, well it's one of her chores anyway).
  • i do cuss when i get upset or when something really pisses me off.
  • i don't allow the dog in any of the bedrooms or bathrooms (unless she needs a bath) because i really don't like when there's doggie hair on the carpets of those rooms.  it makes me work extra hard to clean/vacuum.  PLUS, she's always in the way whenever we're doing our daily morning routines (brushing teeth, etc) and "sniffs" me when i halfway dressed, which grosses me out.
  • i don't trust the dog when she's by herself because i'm afraid she's going to chew something up (she's chewed up 2 of our tv remotes, soap, selene's toys and other things in the house.
  • sometimes, which is not often, i want to just be lazy and do nothing around the house.
  • i no longer miss working full-time in the "real world"
  • although there are things i do like doing like vacuuming...if money were no object, i would hire a full-time housecleaner who do everything from laundry, dusting...etc...everything!
  • i have the utmost respect for them and actually admire many of them, i have to admit i do get frustrated seeing the same scrapbook designers in the magazines i subscribe to.
  • i don't like it when people talk soooooo loud in a public area or restaurant to the point where they want the attention on them.  we dont want to know your personal business, thank you.  not sure why they have to talk so loud????
  • i consider myself a friendly person, but i have not made many friends where we are currently living. it's been hard making friends in this neighborhood or at least on this street.  there are some very snobby housewives here who i have tried smiling at or said hi to and gotten no response back.  i have given up on trying so hard to make friends here. but .... i have made one who i'm totally grateful for.  she has been so wonderful to me and my family.  and i'm especially grateful i have my hubby to talk to about 'stuff'.

so there...
there's a few things, i know there's more, but i can't think of all them because i'm "not perfect."

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