Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a lil flower tutorial

this one is a real simple one...
i had some punched cornflowers sitting around..
and i had one layout that i needed to complete.
i had been working on it while i was on vacay in lacey (wa) during winter break.

but here's a lil flower tutorial that helped complete this layout...

all you need is patterned paper, cutter, punched shapes, buttons, adhesive, twine.

cut strips, 1/4" x 2 ":

adhere strips by stacking them in a crisscross manner:

adhere your punched shape on top:

add a button (or anything you want):

i made 3 for my layout:

cut some twine to your liking and fold them in half:

adhere the twine to your layout:

then lastly, adhere your completed flower on top of the twine:

and there you have it...
a simple flower.



Renee said...

Very cute, Jennifer!! The flower is such a nice added touch to your layout!! Thanks so much for the great tutorial!!

JaiDee said...

Renee: thank you so much!