Friday, January 13, 2012

{ 9 months }

a quick post...
she's crying her lungs out right now.
she turned 9 months this past monday....
she's a babbler:  da-da-da, ma-ma-ma, bob-bob-bob, nan-nan-nan...
are some of the words she talks out loud.
a lil dance swagga too.
swaying her shoulders side to side along with her cute baby body as she's plotted on her feet holding to furniture.
i think she's got mama'z swagga.
claps and dances to black eyed peas (and others of course).
claps to:
"say say my playmate, 
come out and play with me.
to be my jolly friend,
climb up my apple tree.
slide down my rainbow,
into my cellar door.
and we'll be jolly friends, 
forever more, more,
shut the door!"
(well that's what i remember when i was middle-schooler back in clark air base, PI)

she's calling for me!

have a great fun weekend!


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