Monday, January 14, 2013

where did you go?

sheez, this weekend went by too quick!
i wanted it to last longer.


scrapped another a layout for the wedding album...

ran 3.01 miles in 30:36.
second time to be able to do a 3 in 30.
so proud of myself!

watched the movie Les Miserables with maiya.
that movie was so good!
i cried so many times.
ya gotta see it.

(used the aviary app on my iphone)


blog surfed in a quiet home early in the a.m.
i love it when i have the house to myself around that time.
no interruptions.

phone conversation with my sis jo.
so happy that she & i are so close.
we can totally be honest with each other.
we can be stupid goofy with each other too.

mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms.
yuck-o on the bathrooms.
note one of my favez to do.
for some reason i enjoy mopping tho'.
here's another secret:
i love to vacuum too.
i find both seem to clear my mind.
plus work up a nice sweat.

pretty much chilled the rest of the day of blog surfing and posting.
i kinda like these lazy days at times.
no worries, just laziness.
love laziness.

weekends come back.
i'm waiting....

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