Friday, January 11, 2013

did you know it's friday?

yup it is!
so happy happy joy joy for it.

what have i been up to since my last post?

i am missing all of us together...

i try to make sure we take a family portrait of some sorts when we are finally together.
the next time will be on ashley's spring break which is not until the end of march.
we are only "together" 3x a year, so we try to take a lot of advantage of that time.
so grateful for times like these.

maiya came home from WA last sunday night.
love when she is home with us.

made korean beef (on the cheap) & rice.
i got the recipe from here.
so yumm-o!
everyone ate it up.
sheez, did i already post about this?
oh well.

selene had her follow-up appointment this past wednesday for her heart murmur.
and i'm proud to announce that the doc says she no longer has one.

and i am finally getting into learning Photoshop.
i am starting to love this program.
i have to admit i was a bit intimidated by it.
that's why i put it off so long.
but after stalking ali edwards blog i'm stoked to learn.

and today...
i've got to do some form of exercise especially cardio.
i was planning to run this morning...
but it's real cold and a bit windy.
i don't want to drag selene out there.
so i may have to do some hip hop abs or run later this afternoon when maiya is home.
we'll see.

i am also gonna hit a chapter of photoshop.
then go thru the plastic box of memorabilia stuff for project life.
uploading my new photos.
getting my january photo-a-day posted.

it's gonna be a good friday.

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