Tuesday, January 8, 2013

i do....

okay i couldn't think of a better title.
but it's good enough for this post.

got a couple of layouts to share.
trying to get going on scrapping some page layouts to complete our wedding album for our 2nd ceremony.
it's about time after almost 4 years of marriage.
betta late than neva.

here they are with the deetz:

i used some of my decor from our wedding that we were able to salvage for these.
then used scraps from my supplies.
i so love those rub-ons from creative imaginations and jenni bowlin.
love the prima stamps too.
why have i never used them before?
my plan for all the wedding layouts is to use whatever is in my scrap supply stash and any of the wedding decor.
so happy we saved a bunch of it.
now it wont got to waste.

gonna try to do one layout during this week or this coming weekend.

i am also in the works of gathering all my memorabilia for my project life 2012.
i was able to organize them by month and then by day.
i am gonna go thru another plastic box of stuff where receipts, biz cards, etc are in labeled envelopes.
i think i may have mixed 2012 stuff with older years.
hopefully it own't be too painful.

i have been surfing blogs on my daughter's kindle fire hd.
that thing is amazing.
right now i'm stalking tina azsmus.
she is a cool chick!
i love her blog.
love her currents, her posts, her layouts.
she is just darn cool.
wish i could meet her.

also got back into pinning.
i have not pinned anything in so long.
gonna get some recipe ideas.
because i'm running out of ideas.
so happy there's sites like this.

highlight for today:  ran 5.07 miles this morning.
with a baby jogger stroller.
pretty good huh?
i think so.

nitey nite.

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