Friday, February 17, 2012

i miss this lil' girl of mine...

she is currently in washington (state) right now as i type this.
she is visiting her dad for the 4-day weekend.
and for the 1st time, she went on an airplane by herself!!!!
she is growing soooo fast!

she said right before she boarded...
"i'm not nervous."

the beginning of our drive to burbank...

this is what we 1st listened to on our way there...
(great album, btw, no wonder he was nominated so many times at the grammies)....

some feetsies waiting for them to call her name to board...

selene was waiting too along with sucking on her sissies jacket's string to keep her busy.... are looking more and more alike...

a lil note for myself for this day...

her very own 1st ticket...
(actually she's had plenty...but i'm talkin' about going by herself!)

took this one right when she was going up the stairs to board...
couldn't get any closer b/c i wasn't allowed too...hmmmph!
but do you see her?

waiting for the plane to take off from gate b5....

i love texting!
so happy & grateful for this invention!
told her to text me once she sat down, once she landed and once she was with her dad.

it was time to leave the airport to go home.
i miss her soooo much already at this point.
but at least it was a sunny beautiful morning!

where we parked.
can you believe i ended up paying $19.00 for just parking in the "short-term" parking lot for 2 hours!
at least i had cute flats on.

she comes back home this coming monday night.
i'm looking forward to it.
this house is feeling a bit on the lonely side.
my hubby is gone.
maiya is gone.

i'm so grateful i have selene.
she's been keeping busy.
making me laugh.
her copying me laugh.
her yelling and smiling.
her crying coz she's either hungry, cranky or sleepy or just wants my attention.

it's not so lonely afterall.

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