Thursday, February 9, 2012

{ 10 months }

she loves to...
say bab, bab, mamamama,
yell & laugh,
outburst with lots of volume,
suck on strings & tags,
bop her head up & down,
cuddle before she sleeps,
let you know when she wants something,
clap her hands,
copy you when you clap your hands,
try to walk a couple of steps,
try to stand by herself,
be bold & brave.

here she is....

we went for a nice walk this morning too.
of course, she was taking a nap.
i'm glad i went on this walk, just me & her.
had a bad morning with the dog.
she has been a bit disobedient.
and let's just say...
"i'm at my wit's end."
i've tried my best.
i'm glad i went for this walk.
here's a few snapshots....

can u see her taking a nap all snuggled?

a joshua tree, maiya loves these thangz.

size 5, thank you.

a down below shot, so cool.

tall, skinny, peppermint mocha.
dontcha just love the starbx cup?

that be me.

this song makes me think of my hubby.
"like you'll never see me again"
by alicia keys

and to end this post on that note...
here's the video...dedicated to my hubby ( i love you babez)...

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