Sunday, February 5, 2012

7 dayz of daily life

i'm a bit late on the bandwagon for week in the life.
but i am doing it and that's what matters.
i'm re-titling mine as:  "week in MY life"
i did mine starting last friday thru this past thursday, 1.27-2.2.2012.
i uploaded all my photos to my laptop & to snapfish.
just ordered about 78 photos.
i may not use all of them, who knows.
i used my notepad app on my droid to record the daily goings-on and will upload to word to make any edits.
then i'll cut them out for my album.
i'm still debating whether to do a mini album or use a 12x12 scrapbook album.
i'll let you know my process soon.

but here are some pix i picked from each day...

friday, 1.27, chinese new year:

saturday, 1.28, my readz:

sunday, 1.29, kisses for the lubby dubby:

monday, 1.30, heading over to lancaster to do a lil shopping and to 'getaway':

tuesday, 1.31, hmmm....wonder who's trying to use my laptop??? lol!:

wednesday, 2.1, maiya doing a lil swing dance w/ selene:

thursday, 2.2, texting w/ my hubby while he's in alabama for school:

can hardly wait to get started!

have a happy sunny sunday!
we're off to palmdale to do some shopping for essentials (groceries)!

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