Thursday, February 23, 2012


today so far has been a real good one.
right after we dropped off maiya at school, we went for a nice morning walk.
i was planning to only walk for 30 minutes and up to the shoppette area.
but right when we got to the shoppette area, i decided to rear left towards maiya's school.
and just kept walking!
we walked for over an hour!
about over 5 km, pretty much 3 miles.
i'm so proud of myself!
on top of that...selene was sleeping the WHOLE time.
once we got home, did some weed killing with the weed killer.
yikes! we had one weed that was almost a foot tall.
but believe, we have neighbors who are far worst.
then, relaxed a bit and fed selene a bottle.
that walk must have really kicked my butt, because i got really hungry and had an early lunch.

i took one look down and the carpet and felt like in a "vacuuming" mood.
another lil workout.
selene was watching the whole time.
did the living and dining areas.
then the master bedroom and closed the door so she couldn't "escape."
as i was vacuuming, selene grabbed a few of her diapers (unused ones of course!) and started playing with them.
she loves doing that, she's just so fascinated by it.

now i'm hear chillin' and sitting down in the living room while selene plays on her own with her toys and "non-toys."
was just blog surfing while at the same time watching supernanny on style network.
i love that show, actually really started really watching it more this past weekend.
lessons to be learned on this show, some great ideas.
i'm a fan!
i was just reading a post on elle's studio in regards to project life by jenni hufford.
she was talking about you don't really need a photo to reflect the words you write.
just writing the story on paper or anywhere you feel like it, is what really matters.
honest writing, don't make it up just sugar-coat your life, your stories.
i have to agree.
so....this post won't have any photos.
i just didn't take any!
i am seriously being inspired to do this project life thang.
are you?
or have you already?
please share.
uh-oh, my selene is trying to take my laptop away from me.
guess she wants to tell a story too.
or is that she just wants to play?
i think it's the latter.

gotta go, b/c this baby is trying to steal right now.


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