Tuesday, June 1, 2010

it was a nice long weekend...fave photos & a layout

this past 4- day weekend was a nice long one... even though my daughter was gone all that time (she came home last night!  yey-yah!)...it was fun and relaxing.

friday night dinner was fun with my gf's, anh & leslie.  we hadn't seen each other the past 2 weeks!  it was like we have never been apart.  we talked and laughed so much.  we ate at pho saigon 8, the food was alright, i had the pork fresh salad bowl (chopsticks still has the best kind).

saturday...  i was able to do an LO.  i did a b&w collage thru snapfish for this one.  i plan on buying a shadow box for this one and displaying it in our new home in cali:
i had dinner with my sis and our gf, tiph at thai garden. i am so happy we had dinner and talked about stuff...hopefully things will come together smoothly.  walked around the mall and hit charlotte russe to shop (i didn't buy anything, but the girlies did). me and my sis were acting crazy with the sunglasses display, i think tiph was so embarassed to be around us.  heehee.  then we headed to get in line to get a good seat for sex & the city 2.  my sis and gf decided to be like robotic fanatics...can you say weir-dos!  lol!  anyway...i loved that movie!  it was so funny and had so many life lessons in it.  i just love samantha with her bold and blunt attitude!  she's a riot!  we watched a late one and it ended about 11:45ish and we didn't get home til almost 12:30 a.m., which wow so late for the three of us.  my bedtime is usually 9 p.m. and think tiph's is earlier????  needless to say.. i slept in a bit which is unusual for me even on weekends.

sunday... learned how to play racquetball for the first time.  my hubz said i actually did pretty good.  then we headed for lunch at red bike for a pulled pork bbq and club sandwiches...yumm-o!

we also had a family dinner too at my parents' place... so much food and oh so yumm-o!  i made some rum raisin rice pudding too.  here's the bbq man, josh "brooks."  had to take a pic of my niece, yanni, with her cool tee.

monday... we pretty much did house stuff...my hubz repainted a bathroom and i did loads of laundry....just homeboy and homegirl that day. it's nice to be home too.

today...did a jog around the neighborhood and abs and stretched.  nice workout.  then bought some more paint at the request of my dh and stopped by at one my fave places for one of my favez, decaf tall nonfat latte and a toasted chongo bagel with a thin spread of cream cheese...yumm-o...

then i started on my "everyday project album."  i'll try my best to post some of it laterz.  picked up my daughter, vacuumed, and painted a little bit.  whew...

well gotta cut this now...this was a long post huh?  gotta cook dinner now... white tilapia with a lemon vinaigerette with cannelini beans and chinese cabbage.  it's been awhile since i've made it.  we'll see how it goes.  sige na!

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