Monday, June 7, 2010

a birthday card and since last thursday....

well it's monday!  wow!  the weekend went by quick!  it started out a little rocky...but then turned around for the better.  wink!

this morning i was able to do a quick card after some peeps looked at our house.  this one is for my stepdaughta, ashley...her b-day is not until next month, but we are throwing her a lil bash with da fam this coming sunday. 

here's the card...

it's getting closer to our move to cali and i'm starting to get anxious now.... i'm looking forward to it, because of the nice change in lifestyle, weather...but part of me is gonna really miss everyone and washington.  i've lived here since 1991...and have never moved out of this state since. i've gone on vacation elsewhere but never really lived anywhere else but here.  now it's time for state, new friends and old ones too, and hopefully a new job...we'll see how it goes.  i'm really gonna miss my family the most...they have been there for me and my daughter thru everything and now they are also here for my dh.  it's gonna be real different w/o them around but we always find a way to somehow adjust.  this saturday my family is throwing us a going-away party!  yey-yah!  looking forward to seeing some faces i have not seen in awhile!  and food too!  heehee...

here's a few snapshots since thursday....we went to anthony's for a dinner event in the pt defiance area.  i had this huge mojito and i was buzzing a bit.

this past saturday we decided to do a trail walk at the pt defiance trails and did the five mile.  but before that we headed over to sushi revolution for some yumm-o lunch...definitely will be going back there for some sushi.  there was some cool artwork there too.
and now here's our walk... we even stopped by owen beach and took a few shots of the beautiful views and the gig harbor bridge (not exactly sure if that's the name???).

today, did some more laundry (why does it seem it's never ending???!?) and spent an hour on my everyday album project.  i still need to take some more photos and i'll post it sometime this week hopefully.

uh-oh...gotta go!  gotta cook some dinna!

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