Thursday, April 1, 2010


i am way behind on doing our hawaii honeymoon album, but i'm slowly doing it.  here's one i did using the Inspired Blueprints sketch # 44.  i used a lot of border punching on this one.  can u believe it took me 4 hours to do this???  probably b/c it's a 2-pager and i rarely do them.  but you know what...i will prob be doing more especially since i have sooooooo many photos!

here's my take on the sketch (sorry the photo isn't as clear as should be, the sun was just glaring that day!):
and for the beautiful blue stuff:

that was my first time to snorkel!  i was at first real rusty (ask my hubby, i was freaking out!), then i got the hang of it and was hooked.  we snorkeled 3-4 hours breaks!  so much fun!  we're definitely taking the girls there on our next trip to hawaii!


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