Sunday, April 4, 2010


sheez.....i haven't posted a layout (lo) since this past thursday!  yikes!  i went that long all weekend w/o one...well it's been busy since friday....
  • friday:  scrapped a bday card for my dad, lunch at chuck e cheese's, mall, dinner at panda express, then dropped off maiya w/ her dad for her spring break
  • saturday:  dropped off ashley at the airport, picked up the huz from the airport, took a nap b/c i was pooped out, dinner at rach resto with the family, dad'z bday party, went home and crashed
  • today:  brunch at IHOP with da family for easter and my dad'z bday again..heeehee, groceries at walmart, organized and uploaded a bunch of pix on snapfish!!!!
enuff blog talk and get to da lo.... here's one of our lil girlies, ashley.  made this using the LRS March kit and Pencil Lines sketch #178.  lots of sassafras!!!!  yey-yah!

journaling:  ashley...i hope and wish things will change for the better.
a few lil details that can't be missed...

hopefully in due time, things will change...we love you ashley.

happy easter!

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