Monday, May 13, 2013

Project Life 2012 Week 11

oh my!
i kinda slacked off on my project life albums for 2012 & 2013.
i have done a few layouts & just haven't gotten around to post 'em.

here's 2012 week 11:

(sorry for the blurries, not sure wth was going on with my camera)...
(btw...wont be doing my usual format for PL, i just wanted to get these posted and done with...sorry no close-ups this time)...

and the layouts:

i used a cocoa daisy kit and the free download of the PL jade edition kit.
btw...i did purchase both the PL jade & blush kits when they were being sold on HSN.
so happy for those purchases!
i'm in the process of using the blush for maiya's album (boy...that thing is thick!!!!)
don't know when i'll share it.
the jade kit is still waiting for me to use

still doing my PL 2013.
finishing it up with my inserts.
will share it on a later post.

anyway this PL 2012, i did simple.
like i said, i just wanted to get it done, fast & simple!

i've gotta get crackin'!!!!

i'm debating this weekly layout thang now.
i have been thinking of just doing it on a "whatever time period i feel like doing" basis.
just kinda now feeling the weekly setting is a bit constricting for me.
plus...i'm freestyle anyway.
i'm doing it my way and that's what so great about project life.
i love it!

what's your PL style?

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