Thursday, June 13, 2013

where the "f" have i been

it's been almost a month since i blogged.
i just have not been in the mood to do so.
plus i've just been busy body.
taking care of home life, love life, family life of course.
the bloggo just has not been a priority.

plus in a couple of weeks we'll be moving soon to alaska!
i'm excited about that and i'm ready to move out of this heat.
don't get me wrong i liked our stay here but, it's time to move on.


i have been doing my photo-a-day.
i'm just too lazy to post it here.
but i do have it all on instagram, my facebook and twitter.
so if you're interested you can follow me there too.

but the point of blogging is to share right?
so here's what i think has been the highlights since i last posted...

selene had here surgery on her forehead.
it was successful and she was a tough cookie like the nurses and surgeon said.
she passed with flying colors.

maiya places 2nd in her poomse and 3rd in sparring for her 1st taekwondo competition in oceanside:

and it's summer vacation for these 3 lovez of ours...
took the 1st one myself and then they snuck in a few surprises on my iphone...

and getting wet at the sonic splash pool here on base:

a trip to santa monica with the whole family last sunday:

i love this place and will definitely miss it.

i think i've said this before but i am a zumba addict.

and guess what love it so much that i decided to take my 1st zumba instructor training class this coming sunday.
i was a bit hesitant before and scared but my hubby did a bit of nudging (which i am thankful for ) and persuaded me to go for it.
can hardly wait so excited!

i'm in the process of doing some project life.
i've finally got back into the groove of waking up early in the a.m., about 5-ish now, to get right into it.
it'll be awhile til i get to do more since we'll be pcs-ing soon to alaska (yey-yah!).
i'm thinking i'll pack a few PL stuff for our trip.
i'm afraid i'll go thru w/d.

gonna be a busy busy body in the next couple of weeks because of the move.
so posting may be minimal on my end again.
we'll see how it goes.

have a great weekend!

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