Friday, May 3, 2013

life keeps going

4.16.13...maiya's fave band right now, although she recently found out they broke up awhile back.
she is determined that they will get back together.

4.20.13...there's a bookworm in the house...well she loves to "re-organize" them from the bookshelf
- and -
just me & my girl

4.22.13...her 1st time to do a lil pee-pee in the potty...but since then she has been kinda resistant to sit on it, but does like to sit on the "big" potty...hopefully she'll get over that hump.'s the 80's...well wearing the 80's look for maiya at school for spirit week, she even had braided hair.

4.24.13..."it's moments like these i don't want to ever forget" (see what i did in the top right corner? my 2nd try in doing some photoshop layering on a photo)

4.25.13...this was part of a series of events in the life of my 2 babies...

 4.27.13...early in the morning while everyone in this house is time with my baby boo maiya, watched Scary Movie V...these 2 girlies love project life too!

4.28.13...just chillin' watching some shows...tried a new recipe from pinterest, taco pie...getting a little corky around here.

4.30.13...this is my 2nd time to join in on the fun on ali edwards' day in the life, still in the process of editing in photoshop.

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