Thursday, April 25, 2013

out of touch out of mind

i have not been posting on my blog as much since i got back from vacay.
am i still trying to adjust?
i think so.
and maybe its coz i just want to take a break from blogging.
a break from blog surfing a lot.
the one i have been surfing quite a bit is the project life blog.
that vacay really threw me off.
threw me off on scrapping & doing my project life.
threw me off with my eating habits...i've been eating junk lately.
threw me off on my workout, especially running and zumba.
i just recently started back up running and doing weights.
zumba on the other hand...i miss so much.

my hubby has been gone for school the past couple of weeks.
so got no one to watch the girls.
and i miss him.

but he comes back home tonight!!!!


love this photo.
the sunset was beautiful that night on our way back home from dinner.

3 more hours til he's home.

also, i have been thinking seriously of a change in my life.
while on vacay, i got to think what i wanted to do for the rest of my life especially career-wise.
i was doing accounting/budgeting work for over 15 years ever since i was in college.
i thought i loved it, but now, when i look back...i only liked it and really did not have a true passion for it.
my true passion has been with being creative - scrapbooking, documenting life - project life.
this hobby has made me really think about what i really want to do in my life and go after what makes me happy and passionate.
i have been seriously thinking about getting into graphic design.
i love arranging, designing, typography...just being creative, freestyle.
doing scrapbook layouts and cards for special occasions and now project life has always put a smile on my face, satisfaction.
i even dream about it and wake up thinking about it.
i just wish i knew this is what i wanted way back in my college years.
i have no regrets though getting that degree in accounting.
i'm really happy i stuck with it and made a career out of it.
i've learned so much from it...i started as a work study, then a temp, then permanent, was a lead worker and a supervisor.
went from accounting to budgeting, i worked my way up and built a great reputation for myself.
i take pride in knowing that my former co-workers and supervisors had confidence in me and always said "you can depend on her to do a great job and goes beyond it...etc."'s time for a bit of change.
right now i want to relish on the thought of it, what direction i want to take it, then go for it.

we'll see where this journey will take me.

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Katie said...

So happy to see a post from you! I wish you the best on figuring out where you want to be on this leg of your journey. :)