Tuesday, April 16, 2013

she's 2...two....a-pa-teeee!

haven't posted in awhile.
vacay really threw me off these past 2 weeks.
but i'm slowly getting back to reality.

selene turned the BIG 2 this past april 9th.
we celebrated with some cupcakes, dinner at famous dave's...
then a birthday trip to toys'r'us for the birthday girl...
she had fun...

she is talking more, funnier, sassier, feistier (is that a real word?), smarter, cuter and everything else-er.
definitely does a bit of the terrible 2'z.
but we love her anyway and no matter what.

now the goal is to get her potty trained.
slowly but surely she'll get to that milestone.
and when she does, i will be truly grateful.

until next year.

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