Monday, June 27, 2011

5 - five - cinco - lima

well this past saturday my lil boo, maiya, went to WA for 6 wks to visit her dad.
she'll also be visiting my family for 5 nights.
i already miss this lil girl.
the night before we went to red robin at her request.
she ordered of course her usual...
banzai burger, no mayo, no pineapple, no cheese.

and before we headed over to red robin...
we finally did a photo shoot of the 5 of us together.
i took so many  since i had my camera to shoot continous.
i didn't have a tripod...
so the top of the bbq grill had to do.

the test shots of....

1 & 2 people i love...

3 people i love....

4 people i love...

and the final 5...a complete familia....

i had to crop some of the photos...
because the darn bbq grill top was showing up at the corner of them.
oh well.

i miss maiya.
i miss us 5 all together.

on a scrappy-note...
i made a card for a baby shower.
i wasn't able to attend because that was the day my lil boo left for WA.

here's the quick and simple card:

and for the close-ups:

materials:  american crafts, prima, webster's pages, fiskars, marvy uchida, martha stewart, amm kit, stickles by ranger

got my siggy of course.
tone-on-tone, punches, glitter.
and i never ever forget to deck out the inside too.
used an old kit from amm.
been trying to use older kits for cards.
i've got lots and lots of older kits that have been barely used or have leftovers.
a real easy, quicky, and simple card.

hopefully i can get some more scrap time sometime this week.
even if it's just decking out a container.
i've accumulated quite a bit of baby formula containers that i'm thinking of putting to good use for scrap supplies or maybe for something else.
we'll see how that goes!

have a good monday!

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Renee said...

This is such a cute card, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks, too, for sharing your family with us. Before you know it, Maiya will be back from her summer vacation. I hope that she is having a wonderful time.

Oh, I left you another comment by your Scrap Tiffany design!

Take care,