Thursday, June 9, 2011

{ 2 months }

guess who turned 2 months today?

this lil one, that's who:

as you can tell she is a very happy baby on this day.
well at least before she got her immunization shots.
she had her 2 month checkup today.
she's a lil over 10 lbs and a lil over 21 inches long.
healthy baby.
she had her 3 shots plus an oral one.
she was not very happy with those 3.
not happy at all.
her unhappiness didn't last long thank goodness.

got home and gave her some acteminophen (sp?).
then dang it...
i spilled like half of it all over her, the boppy pillow.
accidents happen.
it's all good now.

looking forward to the next month of baby happiness & love.


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