Tuesday, August 31, 2010

time needs to fly by....

rarely got any sleep last night.
was so uncomfortable...tossing and turning.
was up til past midnite.
then finally dozed off.
then the alarm goes off!

i've just been so tired all day.
but i did get a few little things done.
putting away laundry.
straightening the living room.
help my baby boo with her homework.
just tired.

this pregnancy is real different than the 1st.
but i'm so looking forward to it.
despite the kweeziness.

i'll be taking pix every month of my progress.
here's my 1st one dated august 24th.
a little bump.
got my 1st ob apptmt on sept 9th.
hopefully then they can tell me how many weeks my bump is.

time also needs to fly by....
b/c i miss my hubby sooooo much!!!!

so hurry up!

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