Thursday, August 5, 2010

i love....and a quick sneaky peeky of some love

i love this man and i am so grateful i have him in my life.  he's my best friend and true soulmate.  he makes me laugh and he's always honest with me, even if it's something that i don't want to hear but need to. ya know, one of those things that you know should know but are afraid to hear it out loud?  yes...i can get that way too like everyone else.


i am so lucky.

isn't he funny?
yes he is.
and that's one of the many reasons why i love him.

on a scrappy note...

tomorrow is part 2 of the ScrapTiffany Weekly Challenge and here is a sneaky peeky of my layout:

hint:  it's gotta do with some lovin'
and that's all i'm givin ya!
so don't forget to come back tomorrow...or else...j/k.
seriously, come back okay?
i'm beggin ya.
pretty please with ice cream sprinkles on top? can't pass that up can you?


have a good one.

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