Monday, August 2, 2010

things to share....

hello're here again.

we took a trip to malibu this past weekend.  the drive was pretty nice.  it was cloudy and a bit on the chilly side when we got there.  we did a bit of an exploration drive and stopped by a beach.  also stopped by neptune net for lunch...this is the resto where an episode of the real housewives of OC was filmed.

the food here was not so yumm-o, but hey not all resto's we will go to will end up so good...oh well...

and sitting at the beach (can't remember the name of it):
see my feetsies???  heeheee....the beach was nice. it was cloudy but still beautiful. but as time went on, the sand got warmer and warmer to hot...ouch!

and an old layout that i never got around posting.  this is also one of my favez.  i gave this as a gift to a really great friend.  love the bright colors of sassafras against the black, don't you?

gonna be making a birthday card for a cute fella, he's gonna be the BIG UNO!  yey-yah!

well so far monday has been aight...gotta wake up the princess.  register my other princess baby boo for school and then register the sleepy princess for dance and swimming classes today.

have a manic monday!

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