Monday, January 25, 2016

peek this... + 52 lists

just doing a quick post of what i have been up to's a couple of sneak peeks of cards i've completed this early a.m.....

valentine's day cards.... these are from my instagram.  follow me if ya want.  wink!

2 more to go and then i'll post them in full effect lata my playaz.

have you heard of the 52 lists project by moorea seal?
i'm thinking of starting it up....i've read/heard so much about it.  and it looks like it is just right for me to jump start some journaling thoughts in my head.  so excited about it.  i'm still debating on actually purchasing the book on amazon.  but they do give you the contents of the each of the lists.  hmmm. go check it out. i may end up buying it anyway. do it.

time to start the day: dropping off maiya at school, cleaning, teaching zumba, prepping dinner, studying, etc.  xoxo.

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