Friday, January 1, 2016

12.29 & 12.30 WITL

12.30 Wednesday...  selene was finally over that nasty virus and it was a girls' day at two malls...

12.31 Thursday...completed vol 2 of my PL2013, PL goodies in the mail, day with just me, M & S, then New Year's Eve with the whole family....

one more day, this day to post and then order prints and start up my WITL.

one last thing that i realized this later afternoon... there are people who are so kind and actually talk to you and that the people that matter the most are the ones who love you and don't ignore you.  i haven't felt like an outsider in a long time until this late afternoon at a party.  the hostess is an awesome person, but unfortunately some of the company was not so much. i'm grateful she invited us into her home but also grateful i know who my true friends are.  be grateful.

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