Saturday, January 30, 2016

amazing, wonderful...

maiya did one of the most amazing, wonderful and self-less things today after we shopped at the dimond mall center (anchorage)...

we were at a stop light and in front of us was another vehicle. on the sidewalk was an old homeless man with a cane.  it was freezing cold and icy out.  he approached the car in front of us and they gave him some money.

maiya said, " i want to give him some $." she rolled down the window and said to the man, "here sir." he walked slowly with a limp towards us and she handed him the money. although there was a jerk behind who honked at us as the man said thank you, i was so touched.  and by the way, maiya yelled at the car behind us, "hey! i'm giving him some money!!!!"  the homeless man smiled at maiya.

i told her i was proud of her and that she did a real good thing. i asked her, "you know you gave him a $10 bill, right?"  she said, "actually i gave him $14."

she was so proud of herself with a bit of a tear in the corner of her eye.  i raised a great, good child.  and i'm grateful and learned from her today.

love her so much.

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