Thursday, February 17, 2011

oh yes...and some photos love

2-11, some sweet strawberry lovin':

2-12, lil boo'z valentine's cards for her classmates:

2-13, oops forgot to take a photo this day...oh well...

2-14, some valentine's love from lil boo'z classmates:

2-15, jeweled-toned-polished toenails...being preggo, it was hard, but i did it:

2-16, on a rare occasion, a chocolate craving....a spoonful of nutella love:

2-17, a light snack...craved this and hadn't had this in awhile...whole wheat toast w/ natural peanut butter, sliced almonds and drizzled w/ some yumm-o honey...yey-yah!:

felt a little weird missing one day....
but i've accepted the fact that it can happen..
and i'm ok w/ that.
plus preggo-ness is starting to tire me more.
there are times i don't want to do anything but relax.
and so i do.
and that's okay too.
i'll be 32 weeks 8 months!
she's lowered into my pelvis area now.
can't really walk as much and stand as much.
a little backpain when i do stand or walk too much.
i have a feeling she's gonna come a lil earlier than april 15th.
but not too early.
can hardly wait til she comes!

have a wonderful thursday!
i'm off to pick up my lil boo from school now!

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