Thursday, February 3, 2011

last & first

here's some 365 photo jointz for the last few days of january and the first few days of february:

1/29, a little food shop by lil boo made for her sissie (she made this w/ so much pride & joy):

1-30, she loves curly hair:

1/31, a game of piranha panic:

2/1, lil boo'z treasured stuff:

2/2, scrappy prep for an upcoming project, can hardly wait to tackle it:

2/3, a trip to my local starbucks for a decaf, tall, nonfat, peppermint mocha and a slice of some yumm-o marble pound cake (a worthy substitute for the lemon pound cake):

thinking of using this bag for my scrapy layout, maybe to matte my photo i'll be using...
hmmmm...good idea.

had my ob appointment yesterday morning.
had an ultrasound but no photos this time.
but she's got a healthy heartbeat.
over 3 lbs now, right on track.
saw the circumference of her head, her cute belly.
got a peek of one of her thigh bones.
so cute.
so excited!
30 weeks tomorrow.

until next time....

have a lovely thursday!

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