Monday, September 13, 2010

baby jesse + the OG Jesse

well this past weekend was a pretty good one.
me & my baby boo watched the Last Airbender.
real good movie.
and i don't care what the critics say!
had lunch at McD's.
i only had the urge for 2 cheeseburgers.
she had a big mac!
headed to the mall and walked around.
got tired and went home.
rented clash of the titans and percy jackson and the olympians.
we loved them both.

sunday we chilled at home.
did one chore, cleaned the bathroom together.
had fried rice for lunch (cubes of spam and chopped fried egg, yumm-o!)
watched the lord of the rings marathon.
dinner was totino's pizza and tater tots, per baby boo's request.
watched the 2010 mtv vma's!
usher's performance was my fave!
you go lady ga ga, who won 3 awards!

today, i'm gonna do a dt assignment for this week's challenge.
gonna do a layout for a friend's friend and use this as my assignment.

wanna share a couple of things before i leave this...

baby jesse at 9 weeks this last thursday at my 1st OB appointment:

skypin' w/ the OG Jesse, my hubby (we skype twice a day, thank gosh for skype!!!):

and a silly one too...

i love and miss you!

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