Saturday, January 11, 2014

since last time

this is what has happened since my last post...

snowboarding for my 2 lovez....

discovered a new place to eat...shine's bistro here in eagle river...

clean eating has been working out real good...

i've got quite project life stash...

gotta keep in shape since now i start teaching zumba classes this coming monday....
a 25-minute HIIT...

and this morning i, along with 5 other instructors, taught at the zumbathon at Buckner Gym at JBER...
2 hours long!!!!
i taught 5 songs:  gimme gimme, estoy enamorao, marioneta, prrrum, and right round...

l to r:  esther brouhard, michelle piteo, vernita beach, klaudine pires, molly shana, & me
over 65 participants!!!!
so much fun, but man, afterwards, i totally crashed when i got home.
but it was worth it, lol!
can hardly wait for the next one!

and jesse is in lacey with my family...
wish we were there.
he's only there for one night then flies out again for training.
really miss him.

on my agenda:
  • zumba practice
  • gotta hit the grocery store
  • take care of some zumba bizness
  • squeeze in some scrapping time or project life time
hitting up a marathon of season 1 of game of thrones with my daughter, maiya on hbo go as i type this up. game of thrones.

love zumba.
love scrapbooking.
love project life.
love my family.
love my friends.
love my life.

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