Tuesday, December 11, 2012

11.16 miles...i ran this!

a new PB for me....

11.16 miles!!!!!!!!!
i think i might be ready for that half marathon!
i'm not sure yet.
but someday peepz...

i kept saying to myself:
"don't stop keep going"
"if you stop i'm gonna kick your ass!"
and so i kept running.
at the end of my run...
i grunted...
i bet that old couple heard me too by the playground.
and i had big smile on my face.

my feet were hurting like hell..
and then my left knee was sooooo sore.
my thighs were sore too the next day.
but man it was worth it!
worth it i tell ya!

i'm just damn proud of myself right now.
wink wink...

a 12-ver is in my future.

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