Friday, November 11, 2011

"whuzzamin!" she says...

my 10 yr old daughter, maiya, loves to come up with the most unique words.
like "whuzzamin"
in the maiya dictionary it's defined as "awesome."

so from there, that's how we came up with the title for this LO.
used the cocoa daisy kit, "printer's drawer."
i used some embossing powder and my nifty heat embossing tool by american crafts.
embossed it on cardstock, then punched some shapes, adhered with foam adhesives.
then doodled around those punched shapes to make them pop more.
also added a few buttons on them too.
lot's of doodling around the chipboard letters and around the LO.

it took me 2 1/2 weeks total really to finish this one.
i had finished it in 1.5 hours.
but for some reason something was missing and i couldn't say it was finished.
so i just put it down, took a break.... a LONG break.
added the burlap string and staples one day.
took another LONG break.
then a couple of days ago, added the punched starburst shapes and buttons on the right side of the pix.
and voila!
it is completo!!!!

and without further ado...

and the dittiez...

these 2 pix of her was on her 1st day of 4th grade.
i was going to just scrap 1 of them.
but i loved both of them so much, decided to do 2.
love the different lighting in each of them.'s time for a nice long weekend.
have a good one.

and happy veteran's day!
especially to my loving and hard-working hubby!


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