Thursday, November 17, 2011

an ode to sea-town

i use to live in seattle...
close to the downtown area.
went and graduated from seattle university.
use to work for the city of seattle for about 8 years.
went clubbin' quite a few weekends.

what i did not do is take pictures.
i wasn't into taking pix back then.
i did not explore it as much as i should have.
and now that is something i totally regret.
but i have at least been around the downtown area, pike place...
many restos too.
i just never took photos of these events, happenings.

but what i am grateful for is that i got engaged at the top of space needle.
that we had our 1st year wedding anniversary there too.
i've gone and explored with my family there too before we moved to CA.

i miss seattle.
next time we go there...
i want to:

  • take more pix
  • eat at THe Confectional for some cheesecake
  • walk around the downtown area and Pike Place Market
  • take more pix
  • have some good dimsum
  • walk by the waterfront
  • take more pix.

i did manage to take a few pix of sea-town before we moved to sunny CA...

aaaahhhh, i love seattle.
i love WA state.

oh, btw...i started a scrapbook page layout.
i started in just this past veteran's day weekend.
using one of these photos.
can you guess which one?

aaaahhhh...the suspense.
stay tuned.

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