Thursday, September 8, 2011

just this past labor day weekend...

we got back from WA this past monday.
i miss everyone soooo much!
we had a lot of fun!
even it was just from early friday a.m. to early monday a.m.

just wanted to share some photos of this past weekend...


we had some lunch, inspection day of our rental properties...
then a nice jog/walk around rainier vista park with my hubby and selene.
it was such a beautiful, sunny day.
we then had dinner at my parents too.


my hubby & I walked by heritage park and then saw a nice festival going on nearby.
so we took a walk and explored the vendors.
headed over to the farmer's market, then to mercato's for a drink.
mercato's is where we had our civil ceremony reception.
(used the Polandroid app for these cool!):

it was nice just chillin' there.

then that night we had dinner at my sis's place.


brunch w/ the family at IHOP.

walked around Tumwater Falls.
hung out at the Capitol Mall.
pizza dinner at Inferno's.
then some strawberrry shortcake at my parents'.


headed home.

i miss WA.
i miss my family.

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