Thursday, July 14, 2011

oh so much fun!

haven't been posting for a week now.
we've just been having too much fun.
but tomorrow my sis and her family will be leaving for sacramento.
now i have to adjust back to life of being just me and selene at home while the hubby works.
it's gonna be too quiet!
and i'm not going to like that!
no i'm not!
i am grateful they spent most of their time here with us.
we did a lot of stuff while they were here.

let's re-cap shall we...

1.  meeting selene for the 1st time

2.  some yummy dinner at domingo's:

3.  guitar time with the cousins:

4.  skype time, selene meeting auntie kim, kristen & holt for the 1st time:

5.  finally taking a photo w/ cousin rj:

6.  ashley's bday party:

7.  universal studios

8. chillin' in santa monica

9.  meeting uncle rene

10.  a nice surprise for the boys:  west coast customs in corona, ca

11.  some yumm-o lunch at the tranquil tea lounge

this place was absolutely fab-o-lous!

12.  lunch at pinoy-pinay in cerritos, ca with 2 of our aunties
13.  checked out my auntie's new condo
14.  visited more family
15.  swimming and a bbq for my family last night with us

i've got more photos for #'s 12-15, but i may post them at a later time.
i think that's all for this post!
long one huh?
but we had so much fun!

looking forward to having more fun in the near future!

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